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Communicate for Success

However you try to climb the ladder of success, communication will help boost you to the top.

Tips for More Effective Time Management

When daily tasks build up and you feel overwhelmed, it’s difficult to know where to begin. To make things more complicated, you may find yourself easily distracted and unable to focus on completing one task at a time. However, there are many easy and helpful tips that will help you reorganize, prioritize, and start being productive. 


Secrets to Building Your Confidence at Work

Training and talent can help you do your job well and keep you moving forward in your career. But your performance can take a nosedive when your self-confidence is on the skids.

Lessons for Working the Night Shift

If you work the night shift, you face unique health and productivity challenges. Many night workers have difficulty falling asleep during the day and staying awake at night.


Separating Your Work Life From Your Home Life

The Information Age makes working from home a breeze. E-mail, intranets, phone calls and faxes improve productivity and help create flexible lifestyles -- but they also can make it difficult to separate your work and home lives.


Getting Along With a New Boss

There's probably never a better time to make a good first impression or a worse time to end up on the wrong side of the fence than your first few encounters with a new boss.

How to Cope With Workplace Stress

If you feel stressed on a daily basis, join the crowd. Eighty percent of American workers feel stress on the job, and nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage it, according to a Gallup Poll.